KOPA celebrate twenty-third pantone birthday

KOPA celebrate twenty-third pantone birthday

Printing house KOPA has been operating since 1991, therefore KOPA celebrated its 23 years birthday at April 15. Long-time employees of the company were awarded and the most talented and beloved ones were nominated during this event. The most important principles and values were discussed as well. KOPA staff follows them every day while communicating with each other and with the most important part of KOPA – the customers.

Dear customers, you are the main reason that we are able to enjoy 23 years of experience, to share our knowledge, to create, develop and grow. We are very pleased to have you among our partners. We see ourselves today as the ultimate result of your past collaborations with us and your future expectations.

To share the birthday’s joy, we present to you the KOPA staff birthday moments!

spaustuves KOPA 23 gimtadienis

Spaustuves KOPA gimtadienis

spaustuves kopa pantoninis gimtadienis

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Three publications from printing house KOPA were nominated at the Arles Photography Festival

Arles Photography festival is one of the biggest and most important photography events in Europe. The festival takes place in a historical town of Arles in the south of France. This year hundreds of talented artists and photographers gathered here for the 49th time (the first festival took place in the summer of 1970). The event is always accompanied by the contest of the Best photography book. The contest is very popular attracting hundreds of applicants every year.

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Bleu and Man Next Door among top 10 photography books of 2017 (according to Libération)

Photography books and albums are publications that require extreme precision and thoroughness, both in preparing the photographs and in ensuring their impeccable print quality. Every year, dozens or even hundreds of competitions take place around the world, and lists are published naming the best, the most beautiful and the most creative publications. Many photographers hope that their art books and photographic albums will get noticed, but bearing in mind the very stiff competition this can be extremely difficult. So it is always great to see photographers' hard work rewarded and getting the recognition they deserve. 

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