27th KOPA birthday in a new printing house

27th KOPA birthday in a new printing house

It became immediately clear that there would be enough space for everyone in the new printing house. Its large, open spaces, lots of natural lighting and non-standard layout draw our attention. The arriving employees carefully studied the plans of the building and assessed the new workplaces and rest areas. A spacious recreation area, exercise area, cosy inner courtyard with lush greenery and designed “movable” workplaces have all been planned in the new printing house.

CSR head Žaneta Mudėnienė met the KOPA printing house team at the new premises and introduced an evening programme. Next, the company’s director Saulius Mudėnas spoke about the meaning of the new printing house to all of us: better, more modern working conditions, more space and more opportunities. It is natural that such big changes are accompanied by certain concerns, and it is important to understand that after some temporary inconveniences we will be able to enjoy the improvements that have been implemented.

We have a nice birthday tradition of awarding employees who have been working at KOPA for ten years. They are given the title of Knight or Dame. This year, there were four such employees: Mindaugas Marcinkus, Gintas Kniukšta, Saulius Čiupas and Zita Ginčiauskienė.

The evening was full of surprises for our team, prepared not only by the organizer of the evening’s programme Žaneta Mundėnienė but also by the team of caterers from Keulė Rūkė. From a burger eating competition to a chance to demonstrate our artistic abilities by painting with BBQ sauce – these food rebels have a lot of ideas.

After enjoying this delicious food we had an opportunity for some exercise. First we watched a performance by lindy hop dancers and then tried the steps ourselves. Suitably warmed up, we got ready for the remaining activities. The Shoekillers Band, where our colleague Renaldas Baronas plays drums, invited us to the dancefloor, and the live music created a cosy atmosphere where lots of us had a go at practicing our freshly learned dance moves.

This year is marked by changes and challenges, and we are now ready to face them in an excellent mood.

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Memorabilia Receive Another Prestigious Award

We had more than one chance to celebrate this publication of unique construction and artistic value which emerges at the juncture of its authors’ talent and imagination and polygraphic quality. This time, the news is even more inspiring as Memorabilia stood out among a great number of projects in the prestigious Red Dot Award design event.

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Three publications from printing house KOPA were nominated at the Arles Photography Festival

Arles Photography festival is one of the biggest and most important photography events in Europe. The festival takes place in a historical town of Arles in the south of France. This year hundreds of talented artists and photographers gathered here for the 49th time (the first festival took place in the summer of 1970). The event is always accompanied by the contest of the Best photography book. The contest is very popular attracting hundreds of applicants every year.

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